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This is another hoax that is/was going around... Unfortunately the video was taken down for a copyright claim by "Die Hoaxer"...

Hoax video:

The hoax video was taken down after I had created the following video which explains it is a hoax, which was then taken down by a guy named "Richard Simmons"...

You can see the full video here:

You can right-click and save / download video here:


Mr. Simmons seems to go by many different first names.  Richard, Rob, Robert, Bob... but always Simmons.  I'm certain he is the same guy that created the "UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California" hoax and took down my videos...

He owns several YouTube channels dedicated to hoaxes for money.

He wont prevent me from outing his hoaxes no matter how hard he tries though...

General Discussion / Much needed maintenance completed...
« on: April 05, 2014, 07:18:14 AM »
While I was away, spammers had infested this forum.  They made thousands of user names with their website URLs in their signature, and in their website field of their profile.  Some even made fake posts with their website URLs appended to them.

After noticing a pattern that these spammers / bots use to register and update their profile, I specially designed a few SQL commands to delete these users and their posts from the forum database.  The forum went from around 1700 users to around 200 users.

I tried to avoid deleting users that looked legitimate, but it was not an easy task. So if I failed I am truly sorry. Just register again if you wish.


General Discussion / Hey...
« on: November 21, 2012, 12:14:49 PM »
Well, for those who are wondering; Yes I am still alive. 

I went on a little hiatus, again.  I needed a break from this, again, so I spent some time working on some other projects, and handling personal things.

Admittedly, I have been watching everything. I also have been ignoring quite a few e-mails and messages, and I apologize for that.  Sometimes I just shut myself off from parts of the world, and I hope there are no hard feelings, and nobody takes it personal.

I don't know if I am going to just jump back in the fray, so I might still be a bit distant.  Because of that I have decided to make "HoaxKillerFriend" and "Moderate Martian" moderators on this forum if they want.  If it is not a problem for them maybe they can help keep some spammers at bay.  Also, I will give them ability to move things into the HOAX! forum, but only if they both agree together that a specific case is worthy of the HOAX! status.  Certain cases can always be removed from the HOAX! forum if new evidence comes to light, so for those who don't like the idea of a few deciding what is a hoax or not, don't worry.

So... Any questions?

My YouTube video that proves the drone video is fake was taken down by a false copyright claim in order for the hoaxer (or someone else) to continue to deceive people.  So here is my video in full:

Download This Video (Right Click and "Save as")

Original Hoax:

Source Image:

YouTube debunk videos: (removed) (removed)

Here is the video on
HOAX! - Armed Drone Near Chicago

The hoaxer "crazybreakingnews" released another hoax...

The camera shake is a consistent frequency and magnitude and obviously computer generated.  That is because the background is a photograph which can be found here:

Here is a video of the findings:

HOAX! / HOAX! - UFO sighting in Sweden 2012
« on: March 22, 2012, 03:36:36 PM »
Hoax source:

My findings:

General Discussion / ANALYSIS - UFO Sighting Oroville California 2012
« on: February 24, 2012, 02:48:43 PM »
This sighting is making its rounds, and for some odd reason it is finding a lot of support from various UFO enthusiasts which I don't quite understand.

To me, I don't see anything abnormal at all in the video which is why I don't understand the support it is receiving.  It's almost as if some UFO enthusiasts are getting worse at identifying objects, and not getting better.

To me it is obvious that there are aircraft landing and taking off from a runway in the video.  The rest of the objects are various aircraft going to and from various places, and the usual laws of perspective are fooling witnesses and people who watch the video (which is very common) to believe it is something it is not.

So far, after some research and analysis, I have come to the conclusion that the witnesses were facing Oroville Municiple Airport, and some of the objects the witnesses mistake for UFOs are just aircraft landing and taking off from one of the runways.   I've made a "part 1" video with stabilized sections of the source video showing what I mean:

The majority of the rest of the objects in the video remind me of the video I made back in October 2010 when I decided to film the jets flying over Los Angeles. 

I will analyze the rest of the video and make a "part 2" later... 

I might add, the witness seems to be very confused about her location and direction in relation to the nearest airport.  She seems to be changing her story quite a bit.

General Discussion / Lights above West Hollywood 2/13/12
« on: February 14, 2012, 02:37:58 AM »
This just happened... people are calling them UFOs...

However, this is yet another display of a parachute team with pyrotechnics.  This time it was for the premier of the movie "Act of Valor". 

Here is another view which shows the entire event from the landing zone:

A little more detail about the event:

Here is a similar event (skydivers with pyrotechnics) that happened the other day:

A friend of mine asked me to look at this case and identify it: Case# 35627

I was with a group of friends at Cold Stone (ice cream restaurant). We had just left the restaurant and were standing in a circle talking in the parking lot. I was facing southeast when I was the first to notice the object in the sky. At first glance it just appeared to be a shooting star but it was moving very slowly and then it clearly changed directions. I told everyone to turn around (there were 4 of us total). We watched the object for a few seconds when we noticed that a second object had appeared below the first. They were both "drifting" back an forth.At this point I pulled my iphone out and frantically began trying to film them. When I started filming a third object appeared (as can be seen in the video I uploaded). The video makes it hard to see, but all three of the objects had a short tail and were slowly drifting or "dancing" back and forth. I was freaking out and inadvertently drawing a lot of attention (as can be heard in my video). There were other witnesses in the parking lot, a couple of ladies are seen asking us what they were in the video. Before I started filming, another group of people wrote off the objects as being, "just meteors". The objects clearly were not meteors. They disappeared one at a time and just seemed to burn out or fade away. Roughly 3 minutes after the incident there was a fireworks show about 30 degrees west and much much lower to the ground than the lights had appeared. I do not think the sightings were related to the fireworks, they lasted too long and did not behave like any fireworks I have ever seen, they were also long gone by the time the fireworks started and were in the completely wrong part of the sky. Roughly 10-15 minutes after the event, I was driving due north when a row of 3 fighter jets flew straight past me heading in the exact direction that the lights had been seen. We were relatively close to Luke Air Force Base, but jets rarely fly directly over the city, and they were low and fast. At the same time as the jets flew past me, a helicopter flew directly overhead going northwest (not toward the event). I do not think the helicopter was related to the event, but I have suspicions that the jets might be.

Here is the video source:

Here it is on YouTube:


The witness said, "The video makes it hard to see, but all three of the objects had a short tail and were slowly drifting or dancing back and forth".   After studying the video I could see the objects were slowly falling to the ground.  Also, just above the lights you can see a strobe light of an aircraft.  These facts reminded me of the US Army Golden Knights video that was mistaken for a group of UFOs a while ago. They had short tails, and drifted back and fourth. So I set out to see if the US Army Golden Knights were performing on Feb. 9th of 2012, and I found they were not.  So I looked for other parachute teams and found that the "Arizona Skyhawks Parachute Team" was performing on Feb. 9th 2012 in Arizona.

Arizona Skyhawks Parachute Team Website:

Here is a video of one of their night jumps with pyrotechnics:

Here is their Jump Schedule for 2012:

As you can see they performed on Feb. 9th, 2012 at Cactus High School for the Arizona Centennial celebration. 

The witnesses provided coordinates of their location on the MUFON report, "Latitude 33.636529 Longitude -112.23077".  They also said they were at a Cold Stone Creamery in Peoria Arizona:

Here was their location on Google maps:
Cold Stone Creamery - Google Maps

Here is Cactus High School on Google Maps:
Cactus High School - Google Maps

The witness states, "I was facing southeast when I was the first to notice the object in the sky".  Sure enough, Cactus High School is Southeast of Cold Stone Creamery as shown here:

The witness also states. "Roughly 3 minutes after the incident there was a fireworks show about 30 degrees west and much much lower to the ground than the lights had appeared".  According to Peoria Unified School District, they also had a fireworks show at around 9:15pm to 10:00pm on their football field.  So I am guessing the time the event occurred was around that time.

Peoria Unified School District

At this point I am certain the UFOs were just the Arizona Skyhawks Parachute Team.  If any of you find more information let me know.

General Discussion / Sorry I have Been Really Busy...
« on: February 08, 2012, 03:57:14 PM »
If you haven't noticed, I haven't been replying to many topics lately.  I have been involved with several projects that take up a lot of my time.  I will try to help around here a little more as time goes on...

I just want to thank all of you for posting videos and stuff on the forum.  I can see this community growing in the future if all continues on.

Do any of you have any suggestion for this blog/forum/website?  I know some of you might not like the simple black and white theme going on and would probably like more color or something...  is there anything else you think this place would benefit from?

Thanks everyone.

General Discussion / ANALYSIS - Objects Leaving the Moon
« on: January 09, 2012, 12:27:05 PM »
Here is the original video:

After looking closely at this video I found that the objects you see in the video are nothing more than lens imperfections on the camera.  In the beginning of the video the camera shakes, and during this shake you can see one of the objects pass over the moon several times.  The object moves with the camera movement.  That proves it is an imperfection on the lens.

If you mark the positions on the screen / video you will notice every time the moon's edge passes these spots you will see one of the objects in question.  You can do this your self by putting your mouse cursor on the objects in the original video, and don't move your mouse. The objects will always show up under your mouse.  I did this for you by marking the video with red circles.

The lens imperfections are refracting the light from the moon behind it. Almost like water droplets on a lens which invert the light behind it. So when the imperfections pass over the edge of the moon the imperfections are creating a small image of the edge of the moon, only backwards.


As requested by some, here is the closeup of when the camera shakes in slow motion (normal speed then slow speed):

General Discussion / ANALYSIS - Taipei UFO New Years 2012
« on: January 01, 2012, 03:06:20 PM »
There is a lot of discussion about an object flying around the Taipei 101 building on New Years, and there are multiple videos of the object from different angles. 

I have seen quite a few of the videos, and too me it seems the object is quite small.  My first opinion is that it is some type of RC aircraft with lights on it.  In this topic I am going to try to determine the size of the object using the different angles of the sighting, and also collect other information about the event.  This topic is work in progress and will be edited constantly.  This topic will serve as my personal notes on the sighting.

Here are a few of the best videos of the object I have found so far:

With the above videos, you can see the object seems to descend rapidly when the fireworks start.  To me it appears that it is an RC aircraft, and the pilot is landing it on the ground.

Here are a few more videos that could help determine the size of the object:


Passes in front of Taipei 101:

Zoom in:

To be continued...

HOAX! / HOAX! - Hawaii Airport UFO 12-25-11
« on: December 28, 2011, 04:20:28 PM »
This UFO video is from YouTube user "thirdphaseofmoon".  It was brought to my attention by the member "HoaxKillerFriend".

After a few seconds of analyzing the first clip of the object, I noticed motion tracking and animation errors. So I stabilized the trees on the horizon and reduce the video speed in order to make the flaws more visible to the human eye.  Here is the video:

As you can see in the above video, when the object passes behind the windsock it abruptly moves backwards for a few frames while it is moving forward. This is an animation error which I am sure is caused by bad motion tracking points.  You can also see the craft "bounce" up and down before it passes the windsock, and the motion matches that of the camera's motion which is a sure sign of bad motion tracking.

I am not done analyzing and documenting other flaws in the video, so this is a debunk in progress. However, I am confident that this is a confirmed HOAX!  I believe "thirdphaseofmoon" is a hoaxer.

To be continued...

HOAX! / HOAX! – Sept 14, 2011 UFO/Meteor Videos
« on: December 27, 2011, 11:32:16 PM »
I just want to make it clear, I am not calling the event that happened on 9/14/2011 a hoax.  I am calling these following videos a hoax.  There are several people claiming to have videos of the event, and most of them are definitely not what they say they are.

First is a video posted by the known hoaxer JFRISSINA (who was involved in the London UFO Hoax):
UFO NEW VIDEO Southern California mystery object UFO or Meteor Sept 14, 2011

JFRISSINA is showing a video which they claim is the 9/14/11 mystery object (UFO).  But in reality, it is a distant video of NASA's space shuttle launching at night.

Here is a screen shot of the false video. Notice the two red lights next to the bright light:

Here is a screen shot taken from a night launch video of the space shuttle:

The two red objects are the Solid Rocket Boosters separating from the space shuttle during launch.

Source Video:

As you can see (again), JFRISSINA is a fraud.  They are view fishers.  They wait till a popular publicized event occurs, and then they release a video (the bait) with a popular title, and tags, etc. that show up in the search engine in order to lure people to view their videos.  The videos don't even have to be of the event, they just have to look like it.  They are fishing for views, subscribers, and in turn advertisement revenue.

Here is another video being displayed as the 9/14/11 mystery object (UFO):

The above video is copied and displayed by many different people, and they are all claiming it is from 9/14/11.  However, the video has actually been around much longer.  Here is the same video from 2006:

Someone actually took the time to flip the video horizontally and vertically in order to make it look like a different sighting.  However, you can still see the lens flare come into view proving it is the same video.

People are purposely "view fishing", and they don't care about you.  They don't care about lying, or deceiving people. They just care about the number of views on their videos.

Be aware of other videos of this 9/14/11 event. I have reason to believe there are other fakes too, I just haven't found the proof yet.

...and for the record; I believe the event was just a meteor.


So far I believe the only real videos of the event are these two:
UFO over Desert Vista Stadium 1
UFO over Desert Vista Stadium 2
It looks like a normal meteor to me.


Here is a video I made comparing JFRISSINA's video with the Space Shuttle Video:

JFRISSINA's UFO video is on the left, and NASA's space shuttle is on the right.  There are a few minor differences...  The shuttle video is further away and is viewed from the side, while JFRISSINA's video is viewed from more behind the shuttle and slightly closer. This made the distances between the Solid Rocket Boosters look different, and the exhaust trails look shorter, and the lights less bright.  Also, the video on the left was high definition while the video on the right was not. There is also a slight difference in color which could be caused by camera settings and other things.  Other than that, it's pretty much a match, and there is no doubt the video on the left is the space shuttle during the jettison of the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs).


Here is another REAL amazing video of the meteor (not a hoax):


Some people still refuse to believe JFRISSINA's video is an old video of the space shuttle.  They can't fathom the idea that someone would take an old video and re-upload it to YouTube with a new title and date.   

I found a video of "the last nighttime launch" of the space shuttle.  It is STS-130 Shuttle Endeavor, taken on Feb. 7, 2010. I think it's a good color match...

Here is the source:


Here is yet another comparison of JFRISSINA's video and the space shuttle Endeavor STS-130. I think this one is the final nail in the coffin:

Source video:

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