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Berrow Beach IFO? UK UFO, Burnham on Sea - April 1st

Thought I’d share this and see what the general consensus was (I wrote it a couple of days ago). When I first saw it and for all it was posted on April 1st (the day I wrote this) I don't think it was a purposeful attempt at deception by the website that posted it, however it seems a little strange that the image that shows the most detail was the one that was posted at a much smaller size, here's the article:

Walker appeals for help in solving UFO mystery over Berrow beach

(Originally posted on April 1st, 2012)

A walker has appealed for help in identifying a mystery object seen hovering in the sky above Berrow beach during the past week. Beach walker Ken May photographed the circular, black object several hundred metres over the sands near the Berrow beach car park.

"The object hovered silently over the beach high up in the sky for about 20 seconds before rising upwards, quickly moving inland and vanishing from view - it was quite eerie. I've used the beach here for many years and have never seen anything like it. I managed to take two quick photos and would be interested to hear from anyone who spotted anything similar in the area on Thursday evening at around 6.30pm."


As soon as I opened it up with graphics software the similarities between the object and a children's toy were striking to say the least. Here's the two objects cleaned up & zoomed in a little:


It reminded me straight away of one of the many propeller style toys that are currently available, well either that or a Frisbee of some description but due to the slightly conical shape of the object in the smaller image then I suspected a toy similar to the following:

Obviously as there are just so many of these and similar shaped toys on the market an exact match isn't always possible, the following is a related image search from Google:


And so whilst I don't necessarily think the toy used in the next example is the exact object that was used it is more than suitable for comparative purposes, here's the toy and the image I used of it:


Here's the toy placed next to the object(s) for a direct comparison with the original image being highlighted in red:


And finally the reason I suspect that the images are so different in structure is that one was taken during the ‘launch’ of the toy (or alternatively the angle it was thrown at) and the other one is a side-on view after the toy had levelled out (or thrown straight across the field of vision) which would also be consistent with the motion blur that is evident. I overlaid the two images and then using the horizon as a guide proceeded to blend the two images and then animated it, I think this helps to understand the point I’m trying to make:

Which when coupled with the object being centred in both shots then it certainly implies that this was a staged event and I believe that when considered along with the witness account is more than enough to warrant a little caution, i.e. "hovered silently over the beach high up in the sky for about 20 seconds before rising upwards, quickly moving inland and vanishing from view[/i]."


To be honest, and personally speaking, the only aspect of this report that didn't indicate a hoax was that usually the witness doesn’t offer a name instead preferring to remain anonymous. However, and having said that there’s no reason to accept as an absolute certainty that the name supplied was genuine or even if it is genuine that this is anything other than a pre-emptive April fools prank.

All things considered and without any further information I’m doubtful that the witness account is an honest representation of what occurred.....


HOAX! / HOAX! - 'Dudley Dorito' - March 26th 2012
« on: March 28, 2012, 12:37:44 PM »
This is from one of the usual suspects at YouTube (ties to the Amsterdam video debunked earlier).

It’s a new video (26th March 2012) from the UK and involves an alleged UFO I’ve researched several times over the last few years, can be seen passing behind individual tree branches but I haven’t had a chance to open it up yet and check for bleeds or masking errors:

Thought you may find it of interest as it just hit the MSM in the UK, first time the report has been accompanied by a video though.

There was another video floating about (pardon the pun) a few hours ago but I don’t know if it was similar as not long after posted it the YT video was ‘removed by user’.


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