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This is another hoax that is/was going around... Unfortunately the video was taken down for a copyright claim by "Die Hoaxer"...

Hoax video:

The hoax video was taken down after I had created the following video which explains it is a hoax, which was then taken down by a guy named "Richard Simmons"...

You can see the full video here:

You can right-click and save / download video here:


Mr. Simmons seems to go by many different first names.  Richard, Rob, Robert, Bob... but always Simmons.  I'm certain he is the same guy that created the "UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California" hoax and took down my videos...

He owns several YouTube channels dedicated to hoaxes for money.

He wont prevent me from outing his hoaxes no matter how hard he tries though...

Robert Simmons is the same "representative" that filed a false claim on my Statue of Liberty video. I believe now that the Statue of Liberty video and the meteor video are done by the same person. I have already filed a counter-notification...only a couple days left for them to file suit.

That Statue of Liberty video is on the "T.H.E.M." youtube channel.  That would mean the same person or group owns:


The UFO Society

UFO Viral Videos

The Paranormal Frequency

And, both T.H.E.M. and The UFO Society have the following as a featured channel:

Mister Enigma

All these channels have a distinct similarities, and I'm sure you will notice them too. A lot of them publish the same videos.  Also they host hoax UFO videos with copyright claims by "The Dead Peasant" or "TDP".

When you google "The Dead Peasant" a lot interesting things come up. One being a YouTube channel called "Dead Peasant Music" for "Dead Peasant Records".

Most of the "music" is claimed to be "Directed by Rob Simmons".

It leads to a website that sells his "music" albums...

A lot of his albums say the following:
Artwork and photography by Rob Simmons.

Some of them say:
Artwork and photography by Mr. Machine.

I am guessing he likes to call himself "Mr. Machine".   He probably likes to call himself "Mr. Engima" and "Mr. UFO" as well.

More information that shows up on the internet regarding his albums:

Music Credits   Rob Simmons
Producer Credits   Rob Simmons
Performance Credits   Rob Simmons
Label Credits   Dead Peasant Records

Multiple places claim "Dead Peasant Records" and "Electric Everything Studios" is located in:

La Crosse, Wisconsin


Thanks for the info Dazzathecameraman.   

I too have been through this before many times.  I've had my main YouTube account terminated and resurrected several times. I know the routine.  I have my own methods to handle it though.

HKF, you might have been the reason I finally got my videos taken down for infringement (false claims).

Claimant info:

UFO Viral Videos
Representative: Robert Simmons
Claimant Email:

I am protected by Fair Use, so I will counter-claim.  I will also host my videos on my website so people can still see them:

Fake Motion Blur Evidence:

Animation Speed Variation Evidence:

As always you can right-click the links, save-as, and download them.


I'm almost certain he used a fake name on his copyright claim...

U.S. Air Force, Colonel Robert Simmons is pretty well known in UFO circles, and I doubt that is a coincidence.

©2015 TDP ???


I recently commented on a YouTube channel that had posted a copy of this specific hoax video.  Later the video was removed for copyright violation.

When you play the video above you can see the name of the entity that claimed copyright.  The name is "The Dead Peasant".

TDP = The Dead Peasant

When you do a google search for "The Dead Peasant ufo" you get another ridiculously stupid hoax video with their copyright notice on it:

Funny enough, the "TDP" hoax video above is also on the "Mister Enigma" YouTube channel.  So we have come full circle. 

At this point it is not a stretch to assume this hoax is perpetrated by "Mister Enigma" (a known hoaxer) who for some reason is allowed permission to host said video, but nobody else is.  Also, "The Dead Peasant" can now be considered a serial hoaxer.

I wonder how the YouTube channel "The Paranormal Frequency" fits into all this:

They have the same style as "Mister Enigma" so they might even be owned by the same group / person.

The person who uploaded the video in question to YouTube changed his YouTube channel name from "Ken Roberts" to "UFO Viral Videos"...

After a little more analysis, I found the object to vary in speed, and have a relationship with the camera.  This suggests the background is a real video, and the objects were inserted in later, and the speed variation is the product of "match moving" mistakes.

However the initial gradient banding issue suggests the background is just a compressed image, not a video.  It is possible that the background was compressed separately as a very low quality video, then the objects were added, then rendered / compressed into the final video.  Or the initial observations were not completely accurate.

Another technique used is to take a real video using a tripod (with zero camera movement) to capture the background imagery.  Then add the fake UFO animation and effects as another layer on top.  Then add fake camera movement and shake etc.  It's possible the background video was highly compressed and created the gradient banding.  Then when the fake UFO was added the hoaxer might have set multiple keyframes along the UFOs animation path, and might have moved those keyframes after placing them, which could cause the UFO to move at varying speeds on accident. 

It is best practice to set a start keyframe, and an end keyframe, and  no keyframes in the middle if you want a constant speed.  If you have keyframes in the middle and you move them closer or further from the first and last keyframes then you end up changing the speed the object moves towards those keyframes.  That could explain the varying speed, but not exactly why there seems to be a relationship between the camera.  Unless the hoaxer was adjusting the keyframes so the UFO appears in the camera at specific points, but didn't take into account the speed of the object.

Either way, it's a hoax.  It's only a matter of discovering which technique they used to create it.

The video was taken down temporarily, here it is.

I was thinking about making a video about the gradient banding, but its a very difficult subject to discuss and display in a simple manner for everyone to understand.  It will take some serious editing and time to create.

So for now, I just made a video about the fake motion blur.


The video was taken down temporarily, here it is.

Anytime.  If you need more detail regarding the gradient banding, let me know.  I got some free time.

Good work AlienDan!

I concur.  The video camera shake is obviously fake, and the zoom was ridiculously fake.  The image you found is a perfect match (angle and lighting).  This hoax is simply horrible.

Moving to the HOAX forum.

General Discussion / Re: HOAXKILLER is CIA!?
« on: January 07, 2015, 03:51:23 PM »
Yup, they got me all figured out. I am C.I.A.

Completely Independent Analyst  8)

That guy is wrong in more ways than one... 1000s of people did NOT see the Jerusalem UFO.  Only the people that 'filmed' the video saw it. Those people all happened to be friends in special effects school too.  Not even security cameras around that time saw it.  One person thought a security camera caught it, but it turned out to no be it at all.

Anyway...  back to my espionage.

It's a HOAX.  It's pure CGI.

You can see it's not even a real video.  They used a common technique where they take a single image (in this case a low quality compressed image) and added fake camera movements, and fake zoom, and fake noise / grain to make it appear like a video.  It makes it easier to add a fake UFO animation to it, so they can avoid having to do any motion tracking / match moving.

We can tell it is a fake video made from a single image (low quality compressed image) because you can see gradient banding (caused by compression) in the sky, and the gradient banding is moving with the foreground / background fixed in the sky.  This means the image of the sky was compressed first, then it was made into a compressed video.   

If this was a real video, the gradient banding wouldn't move with the foreground / background. Video compression would have caused the gradient to form, and the gradient would not be fixed in place, it would move around constantly as the video's images / frame changed.  But in this case, the gradient was already formed by image compression first, then it was compressed into a video.  So the banding is fixed in the sky.

So it is a confirmed HOAX..

There is another video with a similar event.  In this case you can obviously see fake camera movements, and also the YouTube user / channel has a history of 'liking" many "Adobe After Effects" videos and tutorials in specific effects.

Adding HOAX to the title and will move to the HOAX forum later.

General Discussion / Re: Football Stadium Ghost?
« on: April 27, 2014, 08:11:04 AM »

Here is my new theory...  It's just a kid with a backpack, running down the path really fast... lol

About 10 or so rows up from the bottom there is a wide footpath that would allow space for someone to run across, in front of people sitting.  Here is a picture of Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, the same section the "ghost" was seen.

I believe the "ghost" was running down that wide foot path.

A few things to consider:
  • The ghost is about the same standing height as people sitting down.  So I believe it's a kid, or someone short.
  • Other spectators have the same appearance, and have the same dark shade.
  • There isn't any real transparency, meaning I can't see through it as it passes other people.  I do see video compression blending and bluring everything together a little though.
  • The stride length of the legs matches the speed of the run.
  • You can measure the distance between the main stairways in that part of Hernando Siles Stadium (its about the same size as the penalty box lines on the soccer field which is 16 yards), and count the seconds it took for the ghost to run to each stairway (about 4 seconds), and calculate running speed of about 9 MPH which is not very fast.

I don't see why it can't be a kid or somewhat short guy running by...

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